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    Live-aboard Diving in Maldives

    Live-aboard Diving in Maldives

    Live-aboard Diving in Maldives

    My first Diving experience in the Maldives was in 2001 and I remember being blown away by the beauty of the place from the moment the plan started to descend into Male International Airport. Deserted, sandy beaches seemingly emerged out of an underwater paradise and if I though above sea level was beautiful, I was about to be blown away by what exists underwater.

    The Maldives' crystal clear ocean is home to mantas, whale sharks, and reef sharks, as also the brilliant flatworms and ghost pipefish who hide among its wrecks, coral gardens, channels, and pinnacles.

    And there’s nothing better than experiencing this than from a Live-aboard. Imagine waking up to the perfect sunrise across perfectly calm water; a leisurely coffee before slipping into your wetsuit, gearing up and jumping into the water for a pre-breakfast dive. By sun set, you will have completed 4 amazing dives and tomorrow, it is back into the water at dawn.

    When to go

    The ideal months are from January to April. At this time, visibility is very good as it is the warmest and driest period. Sudden rain showers may occur, but usually disappear very quickly.

    Between May and July, the rainy season, there can be some unstable weather.

    August to November is also very good diving but an abundance of plankton in the water means reduced visibility (although on the very big plus side, it attracts plankton feeders such as Manta Rays and Whale Sharks… so some exciting dives await you.

    Water temperatures are usually moderate ranging from 80-86F (26 – 30C) year-round.

    While never losing any of its captivating beauty, the Maldives has undergone many major seismic changes in recent years. This has opened up previous uninhabited islands to tourism and never being have these never before have these 26 ring-shaped atolls with their stretching beaches, magnificent blue lagoons and extensive reefs been so accessible.

    With absolute certainty, Live-aboard Diving is the best way to explore everything the Maldives has to offer.