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Nine Reasons to Date Your Dive Buddy

Nine Reasons to Date Your Dive Buddy

Good day to you. Two questions before we start:

1. Are you a scuba diver?

2. Are you still in search of that perfect date?

If the answer to the two questions above is 'Yes', then read on. Here are my "9 Reasons To Date Your Dive Buddy."

1. Tried and Practiced Communication.

After the many hours communicating with hand signals during dives, getting a message through on land, verbal or otherwise, should be much easier. Glances and/or eye signals should be enough to do the trick.


2. Creating Memories and sharing incredible adventures.

Who would say no to lazing in the sun while sipping on cocktails? Most scuba diving holidays are in exotic destinations near the beach or on a dive live-aboard boat. With the diving couple sharing a similar mindset about where to vacation, agreeing on the venue for their next dive adventure should never be an issue. In the future, when you look back on your time together, there’s added magic to remembering that amazing sunset in Tahiti on the dive boat, or that shark dive in the Bahamas.

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3. You’ll be capable of intimacy everywhere, even underwater.

How great is it to have a dive buddy who understands all your expressions, even when underwater? This can be useful both in emergency situations and also when simply expressing “wow what an amazing dive this is!” or “check out the colors on this reef”. Having this special connection, beyond just being dive buddies, should make the dive even more enjoyable.


4. They can help you spot beautiful underwater creatures.

Four eyes are better than two. Combine your fish spotting skills and see twice as much sea life - be it seeing sparkles in the water at night or encountering a turtle in the first few minutes of a dive. It’s hard to share the excitement with someone who doesn’t get it.


5. They are your partner in safety.

A good buddy is always ready to offer help in case of an emergency. There is a heart at stake beyond him/her merely having your back.


6. You’ll always have backup when it comes to prepping or washing gear.

Being responsible for everything — picking up tanks, rinsing all the scuba equipment, grabbing snacks for the dive boat — gets old when you’re doing everything alone all of the time. With a partner, you’ll cut the workload in half, leaving more time for the fun stuff.


7. You will always have an enthusiastic listener for your dive stories.

Dating a non-diver seems to involve often saying, “Guess you had to be there … .” But recounting a crazy dive story to your partner/dive buddy is likely to be met with similar enthusiasm and follow-up questions, especially if he/she was on the dive as well.


8. Nobody will complain that your dive “junk” takes up too much room in the closet.

Ugh. Yes, we really do need all six wetsuits and three pairs of fins each. With your partner/dive buddy at least, the “junk” is shared and indeed, a fun productive ‘together’ session could be spending time organizing the closet.

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9. Never again will you have to worry about what gift to get for him/her.

There are many gifts for scuba divers out there: new scuba diving equipment, the latest diving watch, diving t-shirts etc. so holiday seasons around the year can be stress free.

Here are my 9 Reasons To Date Your Dive Buddy which cover everything from similar scuba diving mindset to a shared passion for scuba diver gifts, dive live-aboards and other diving holidays.

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