Nine Scuba Diver Personalities Which You Will Often Encounter

Nine Scuba Diver Personalities Which You Will Often Encounter

Nine Scuba Diver Personalities Which You Will Often Encounter

Have you ever really wondered what type of diver are you? As in all walks of life, the world of diving is full of many interesting and often very diverse personality types. Indeed, you will probably find many of these on most dives. Here is a quick guide on how to identify these different diver types. 

1. Old School diver

This diver first started diving right after dinosaurs went extinct, when basically no one knew anything about diving. His equipment is ancient but functional, is full of diving stories and always ready to give tips or advice, even if he tends to break all the diving rules himself [His excuse: when he first started diving, there were no rules and he therefore made some up for himself as he went along]

2.   Gadget diver

This diver has the most recent and technologically advanced dive computer: it has maps, compass, alien life detector and video games just in case! He got all his equipment straight after his first taster diver, spends hours between dives tinkering with his equipment and is always last into the water. Of course, the equipment is renewed on a very regular basis.

3.   Top fashion icon diver

This diver has color matched all his equipment: mask, fins, bcd, wetsuit, hood etc. It is not about comfort or dive-suitability but simply about style and appearance. Pre and post dive selfies are the obsession and surface interval time is spent posting to Instagram stories.

4.   Deep diver

For this diver, if it’s not deep it’s not worth it. The important thing is to go to 40m. How else would he show a picture of his dive computer showing his depth tomorrow on social media? He is always the first to start the descent and the first to hit the bottom. Narcosis is like a drug for him and his ideal diving curve is around the ‘0 minutes to the no decompression’ time.

5.   The Bragger 

This diver has a story for every occasion which invariably will be bigger and better than everything you have ever done. Expect whale-shark or dolphin stories which sound amazing but no doubt are exaggerated and unbelievable. The bragger possibly prefers the apres diving to the diving itself and can typically be found on the sundeck talking to anybody that will listen to him.

6.  The Planner 

This diver spends more time planning the dive, than actually on the dive itself. He is typically found by himself with a book or tablet and a set of dive tables working out his decompression obligations. 

Of course, we absolutely advocate that planning your dive is incredibly important, but the Planner really does take it to the extreme.

7. The Dreamer

This diver is unconcerned with everyday matters and appears to be absent-minded He chooses to participate in recreational scuba diving because he believes it will help him escape from his day to day life, opening up a whole new world for him.

Often, once he realizes that the sport is quite challenging and demanding, he may be at risk of becoming overly dependent on the diving instructor, his diving partners or both. As a result, he repeatedly seeks confirmation from instructors and/or diving partners that he is doing well.

8. The Lone Ranger

While being a part of a buddy pair, but this diver is often seen off by himself, whether it's far ahead or far below. He has no idea of the location of his buddy or where the closest redundant air source is. 

The Lone Ranger will always start off the dive with his buddy, only to wander off very soon after the descent.

9. Mr. Clumsy 

This diver will often kick you in the face, seeking to barge into your dive path and will seemingly have little to no spacial awareness or sense of direction. Throughout the whole dive, he is always there, appearing just below you or above you, and always in your way.

So how many of these diver types have you encountered? What type of diver do you think you are? Please let us know in the comments below.


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